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Here are few oldie pics of 196? (sweetest child of Heiligenhaus!), 1981, 1985, 2001

andreas 196? andreas 1981 andreas 1985 andreas März 2001

andreas 1991 andreas 1997 andreas 2000
1991 (So vain!), 1997 (discovery of the Connectix b/w Quickcam and gay videochat), 2000.


andreas 2002 andreas 2000 andreas Mai 2002 andreas Sommer 2003 andreas Scheveningen August 2004 andreas Dezember 2004

andreas Scheveningen April 2008 andreas 2006 andreas Utrecht Juni 2008 andreas 2006 andreas Dezember 2008

2002 ("My computer does like me at last!"), 2000 at Mirco's "house of cats" with Bibbi and Teufel (I dedicated Teufel his very own gaykoeln card!), May 2002 Rheinaue Schwarzrheindorf (at photo session with Hans), 2003 webcam-nights :-), 2004 Scheveningen Zeehaven (my 2nd home), December 2004 my new shower and my new "Schöffel" pants.
Next row: spring morning in The Hague / Scheveningen 2008, shower power 2006, summer 2008 in Utrecht (travel trough The Netherlands with Matthias), demon style 2006, me and the new waterproof Olympus camera in december 2008, more to come. :-)

gaykoeln message to andreas

I'm the webmaster and photographer of gaykoeln.com. I'm almost never satisfied with the pics others take of me. Usually I'm better live. I'm rather behind the camera than in front of it (see "looking for models" page). But - as you should know whom you are dealing with - here are a few snapshots from my eventful life.