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martin Martins Livecam ... Hi, I'm from the Ruhrgebiet area (former industrial area in Northrhine Westfalia, West Germany). I'm living in Bochum, where I was born in 1974. Well, lately I discovered my weakness for publicly exposing myself: It's all Andreas's fault, the guy who is managing this website.

To make a living I'm working in a madhouse. Certainly I'm as nuts as the inmates, but I don't byte, as I am timid, shy and defenseless...

Have a look on the pic: I'm head over heals in love and very happy! Finally I found my man, you met him already on my livecam.

Wesseling, near Bonn 07/2006 Martin's pics

08/2004 Hagen's pics

hagen Hagen's Livecam
...Back again! After a longer break I'm back on air, maybe, some of you guys remember me? For all, who don't: I was born in the Ruhr area / Germany in 1968. For nine years I'm living in Cologne, so it's most likely to meet some of the guys here I know from clubbing. The appartment, you'll see on the livecam, is located in the heart of Cologne's old town gay scene, very close to the leatherbar "Hands". Nice area!

For ages I'm working as a bartender, regularly in the gay bars as well. So, be nice to me, otherwise you won't get a drink next time!

As a baby, when I opened my mouth for the first time, my first spoken word was "No!" I remained that way till now usually doing just the opposite of what I'm supposed to do. With one exception: Sex, where I'm usually most obedient not to say submissive. ;-) Talking about sex: Not much of it on this livecam, as this is a g-rated site. There'll be more X-rated stuff soon with gk-extreme site.