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moi April 2006 03/09/2009 It's high time to update this page!

Last time I wrote here (january 2008) my nerves were on edge as I had plenty of trouble in my job (I'm independently working in the IT business). Meanwhile the situation is not much better but I'm at least within schedule.

Im heading for the age 50 now which means my attitude towards friends, especially gays, is undergoing a change: I prefer the average next door guy to a sexy loser, who considers himself to be a "star" but hasn't had any qualified education neither any qualified job until the age of 35.

We have a lot of the latter type in the German gay scene, especially in Cologne and Berlin, since welfare state is so well installed, that you can get away with dreaming forever and without working at all. (Right now welfare payments are "Hartz IV" 351,00 € + housing est. 250,00 € + health insurance est. 300,00 € - so alltogether a free meal about a monthly value of 901,00 € = 1135,00 USD - this just as a hint to all US readers.)


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Don't understand me wrongly: I *am* strongly in favour of health insurance for everybody, but I am not in favour of middle-aged guys who never showed willingness to undergo unpleasant obligations or to show a little discipline and continuity in their lives.

Talking of the small and the big "stars": The next Cologne "Verzaubert" filmfestival takes place from march 26 till april 2nd. Since most films will be either in English or at least English subtitled this is a good occasion for those of you living in Cologne but not being very familiar with the German language. The festival also takes place in other German major cities as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich, find more information here.