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You'll find the links covering the town Koeln in the "gaykoeln" koeln links section. There is an important difference to the koeln links section: While I accept any link which has relevance for gay koeln, you'll find on this webpage only such links that I really would like to recommend. If you want to make it in here, you can't make a deal, you have to convince me with a well done homepage!

Disclaimer - I don't accept any responsibility of any kind for any website I link to.

Last update: 02/15/2009

Olafs-Art-Gallery Olaf Joartcologne - Olaf (Oleg) was born in Kyrgyztan and via indirect course (studies of art in Tallin, Estonia) finally reached in 1997 the place of his destination: Koeln. Here he works as a painter, lots of his paintings are of homoerotic character: nudes, portraits, compositions, posters. Olaf regular exhibits at "Zipp's" bar in Cologne. You'll find some of his pics among our gaykoeln cards.

Stressenreuter.de - Jan Stressenreuter just published his fourth novel. This is his homepage (powered by gaykoeln).

Mannikoeln.de - a typical gay homepage of a "typical" Koeln boy - smart, with wit, entertaining, own style, personal (without being exhibitionistic).

Dirk Vongehr - another Cologne guy's homepage which I like, and I do strongly agree with Dirk's motto: "Born gay? I say no! It ain't that easy, you have to work hard for it."

Ralf Koenigs Homepage Ralf Koenig - I doubt that any gay from Europe will need any further introduction. To Americans, however, Ralf's comic may be a novelty. Germany's no. 1 gay comic artist. You must have a look at it.

Chaos in Austin - Bryan is an excellent photographer living in Austin, Texas. Great g-rated galleries. Bryan adds 1 or 2 fresh models every month to his page. For seeing the x-rated pics of those sexy guys you have to become a paying member.

le petit jardin Didier's portfolio - You likely know Pierre et Gilles's art picture "The little gardener" - well, this is the website of the guy who posed for it! Didier was lucky: He does not only have an excellent body, he managed to find some of the finest photographers to pose for. Though this site shows one guy only (Didier), the different styles of photographs make this website both exciting and pleasureful. With an adult check id you'll have access to didier's hot pics, as well! Available in English and French.

Rex's World Rex's world - Fresh style, homepage of a cute American gay who seems to have some ideas... Attractive photo-gallery plus one "painting" from Drub (see pic)... Rex likes it a bit queer...

Drubskin Drubskin - Drub is the painter of Rex's pic and he's also the painter of this skater boy. Likely these are the "tamest" examples of his works. Drub is a gay punk who paints and makes use of his brains. Drub is a bitch, he is ironic, cynical, brutal, provocative - I love him!

CU-Bild Charlie X - Charles came into my life via a www videoconference called cu-seeme, see pic on the right. That was in 1997, which - for internet standards - is almost a lifetime ago, so I knew him as a kid. :-) He was and still is one of the most impressive web guys being both an attractive man and a talented writer. "First he will fuck the shit out of you, afterwards whisper a self-written poem into your ears!" a friend analyzed my charlesmania. "Is it that, what you are dreaming of?" yes yes yes yes yes !!! Anyway, the site I link to is the one where everything began: It contains Charles's writings (we translated a few of his short stories into German) and lots of nude self pics. (The first of them have been taken with a Connectix b/w Quickcam, today the mother of all webcams, did I tell you, 1997 was lightyears ago !?!) March 2000 Charles started his livecam project "changingcam" and turned out to be the hottest male teaser and performer the world has ever seen. "The world is not enough!" Charles said in june 2002, gave up on the live webcam and now teases and performs solely in the privacy of his home. Does he? He took a few of his "changingcam" galleries to his art page, which now again is his only personal site: we are back at the roots. Are we?

Bj's pornology - Are you a guy of the 80s? Are Names as Al Parker, Jack Wrangler, Jon King, Kip Noll (actors) or Joe Gage, William Higgins (directors) familiar to you ? This site brings them back, the good old porns of the late 70s, early 80s. (The website itself is not pornographic.)

vintage pics of male couples Vintage photos of male couples - Jim lux put a quite unusual and original pic collection on his site. A pity that Jim did not update his webpage since 2001. We hope for more...

Manpaper - offers a large collection of free male erotica wallpapers suitable for your windows desktop. Pics are of high quality, you can choose between different themes, styles and color tones.

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