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Since 2001 we cover the "Verzaubert" queer film festival. Thus it's past time to install a survey page, listing most of the "must see" gay movies that have been published within the last 5 years: Films are sorted by genres drama, thriller, comedy, documentation.

How to read this table: Clicking on the film title takes you to the review (within the "Verzaubert" filmfestival review). TR is a trailer link. Verzaubert links to the festival review of the year when this film was shown. What follows, is an evaluation of the film by the following criterias great depth, humor, eroticism, action, suspense: You'll find either no remark, or a + indicating "present in the film", a ++ for "strongly present" or a - for "rather the opposite is the case" (thus a - for suspense means "mostly boring"). Then there is the gaykoeln evaluation with * for very pathetic, ** for rather bad, *** for worth seeing, **** for great, ***** for outstanding. Behind that as a 2nd opinion the evaluation of amazon.com. Finally the DVD link to amazon.com. Please use this link, if you want to buy a film, it helps us to keep up this site for free.

DramaYearTrailerVerzaubertGreat depthHumorEroticismActionSuspensegaykoelnAmazonDVD
Don't tell anyone (no se lo digas a nadie) Spain/ Peru 1998 2001++******DVD
Our Lady of the Assassins (le virgin de los sicarios)France/ Columbia 2000 2001+++++*********DVD
Burnt money (plata quemada) Argentina/ Spain/ France/ Uruguay 2000 TR2001+++++********DVD
CircuitUSA 2001TR2001++++******DVD
Big EdenUSA 2000TR2001-*****DVD
You'll get over it - (Tu verras, ça te passera / Alles wegen Benjamin) France 20022002++********DVD
Road Movie (lo-du moo-bi)South Korea 20022002++++*****
Days (Giorni)Italy 20012002+-****DVD
L.I.E. Long Island ExpresswayUSA 2001TR2002++++++**********DVD
Yossi & JaggerIsrael 20022003++*******DVD
Before Night FallsUSA 20002003+++++********DVD
Road to Love (Tarik el hob / Straße der Liebe) France 20012003+++******DVD
Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken Germany 20032003++*****
Love ForbiddenFrance 20022003+*****DVD
The Dreamers (Die Träumer)Great Britain/ France/ Italy 2003 TR2003+++++********DVD
Three Dancing Slaves (le clan / Brüderliebe)France 2004TR2004++****DVD
SugarCanada 20042004+++*****DVD
Proteus (Meine Liebe ist deine Freiheit)Canada, Südafrika 20032004+++******DVD
CarandiruBrazil/ Argentina 2003TR2004++++++*****DVD
Wild SideFrance/ Belgium / Great Britain 2003TR2004+++********DVD
JailbaitUSA 20042004-*
AnonymousUSA 20042004++***
Porn Theatre (la chatte à deux têtes)France 2002TR2004+++++******DVD
Ethan MaoCanada/ USA 2004TR2005++******DVD
C.r.a.z.y. (Verrücktes Leben)Canada 2005TR2005++++********DVD
Time to Leave (Le Temps Qui Reste / Die Zeit die bleibt)France 2005TR2005+++********DVD
A Love to Hide (Un amour à taire / Eine verbotene Liebe)France 20042005+++++**********DVD
LoggerheadsUSA 2005TR2005++********DVD
Mysterious_SkinUSA 2004TR2005++++********DVD
Amnesia: The James Brighton EnigmaCanada 2006TR2006-*
QuinceaneraUSA 2006TR2006++++********DVD
Broken SkyMexiko 20062006++-********DVD
Whole new thingCanada 2006TR2006++++**********DVD
Solange du hier bistGermany 20062006+***
ThrillerYearTrailerVerzaubertGreat depthHumorEroticismActionSuspensegaykoelnAmazonDVD
The Deep End (Trügerische Stille) USA 2001TR2001+++******DVD
UrbaniaUSA 20002001++++*********DVD
The 24th dayUSA 20042004++++*******DVD
VanillaUSA 20042005-*
GasItaly 20052005+++***
ComedyYearTrailerVerzaubertGreat depthHumorEroticismActionSuspensegaykoelnAmazonDVD
The Iron Ladies (sa tree lex) Thailand 2000TR2001++*******DVD
Zus & ZoThe Netherlands 20012002++*******DVD
Rules Of Attraction (Die Regeln des Spiels)USA 2002TR2002+++++++*********DVD
Bulgarian LoversSpain 2002TR2003+++++*******DVD
LusterUSA 20012003++*****DVD
Mambo ItalianoCanada 20032003++++********DVD
Grand écoleFrance 2004TR2004++*****DVD
You I LoveRussia 2004TR2004+++*********DVD
TransamericaUSA 2005TR2005++++++**********DVD
50 Ways of saying FabulousNew Zeeland 2005TR2005+++****
Another Gay MovieUSA 2006TR2006++++********DVD
DocumentationYearTrailerVerzaubertGreat depthHumorEroticismActionSuspensegaykoelnAmazonDVD
The GiftUSA 20032003++***
Beyond VanillaUSA 20022003+****DVD