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How much fetish does a man need? Mine is leather and rubber.


Well, I did not expect the photographer just going through his "white period". Bondaging was only on the agenda as "the pearly white rope fits so excellently to the background". Such a thing. Guess I'd rather have taken my MAC with me than a carpetbag of fetish clothes. The MAC looks great on white.

Der Stecher von Berlin - bei amazon bestellen I'm using the MAC for writing my books. My first novel has just been released and is titled "Der Stecher von Berlin". Only available in German. Could be translated as "The Motherfucker from Berlin". Well, it's not autobiographical at all, since I'm living in Cologne for years. :-)

It's okay if you send me a message without having read even one line of my book. "I don't understand German" will always go for a good apologize. ;-)

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